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Many Instagram users like to add Birthday Bio on their Instagram profile on their birthday, that’s why here we have shared Instagram birthday bio. Choose your favorite bio and update your Instagram bio now.

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Best Birthday Bio For Instagram 2023

  • Special day (Your Date of Birth)
  • Wish me on (Your Birthday Date)
  • Blow candles on (Your DOB)
  • First cry on (Your Date of Birth)
  • Royal entry on (Insert Your Birthday Date)
  • Birthday bash (Your Date of Birth)
  • Cake day (Your DOB)
  • 1st CRY on (Your Date of Birth)
  • Mom first kiss me on (Your Birthday Date)
  • Cake party on (Your Date of Birth)
  • Stealing your heart since (Your DOB)
  • Gifts 4 me (Insert Your DOB)
  • Blow candels on (Your Date of Birth)
  • Big party on (Insert birthday date)

Birthday Bio For Instagram With Emoji

😎 Attitude Prince 😎
📸 Photoholic 😍
🎵 Music Lover😘
😇 Royal Hindu😎
🙏Mahakal Bhakt 🙏
🎂Wish me on 22 Feb ❤️

Royal Entry on 28 Jan 🎂
Mom Dad ❤️
Cricket my DnA 🏏
Gym Addict 😘
Badmash Ladka 😘
Hak se Single ☝️

😘 Self Believer♥️
💪 Gym Lover 💯
🎮 Gamer🎲
🔥 Attitude mean Lots🔥
🍰 Cake kill on 26 Sep🎂

👑Desi Boy
🕉️Bhakt Of 👉 Mahadev 🕉️ 😍
🖤Beach Lover 🏄
👑 Cricket Løvêr 😃
🎂Cake Murder 12th May 🎂

🎂Born on 23 Feb🎂
❤Photoshoot Lover 📷
🎶Music lover🎶
🏍Rider 🏍
👨Kameena Boy 👨

😎Villain Entry On 11 Nov
🔥Bad Boy 🖤
🏡Desi Villager
🚘Cars Lover🏁
😇Respect For All
😈 Dad Of Devil’s

🎂 DOB 27 Dec
👉 Man Mojilo
👌 Kanudo_💖
💞 Love Mom & Dad
💖 Single 👫

Happiest person 👻
Unique Personality
Photography 📸
Cheers Life ✌🏻
Single Raho Men🚶
Beach ⛱️ King 🏖
Cake Murder on 20 June🎂

Instagram Birthday Bio For Yourself

  • Cake murder on (Your Date of Birth)
  • Login in the world (Your birthday date)
  • Miss me on (Insert Your Birthday Date)
  • Grand entry on (Your birthday date)
  • Celebrations start on (Your DOB)
  • Happy birthday to me on (Your DOB)
  • Feed me cake on (Your Date of Birth)
  • Villain entry on (Your birthday date)
  • Born for a reason on (Insert birthday date)
  • Nurse first kiss me on (Your DOB)
  • Cake party on (Insert DOB)
  • My birthday date (Your Birthday date)
  • Age increasing on (Your Birthday Date)

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Instagram Birthday Bio Ideas

  • Landed on earth (Insert Your birthday date)
  • Happy wala Day (Your DOB)
  • Wish to me on (Your Date of Birth)
  • Order cake for me on (Insert birthday date)
  • Born on (Your birthday date)
  • Kiss me on (Your date of date)
  • Order cake for me on (Your birthday date)
  • The lucky date is (Insert DOB)
  • blessed is the day on (Your DOB)
  • My favourite day (Your date of birth)
  • Keeping it real (Insert birthday date)
  • Landing on earth (Birthday date)
  • First cry on (Your birthday date)
  • Happy wala day (Insert birthday date)
  • King born on (Your Date of Birth)

Instagram Bio For Your Birthday

  • Buy gifts for me on (Insert birthday date)
  • Cake day (Your birthday date)
  • Ready for a party on (Your DOB)
  • keep an alarm on (Your date of birth)
  • Full enjoy on (Your Birthday Date)
  • Book cake for me on (Your date of birth)
  • Joined earth network on (Insert birthday date)
  • On earth since (Your DOB)
  • Waiting for your gifts on (Your birthday date)
  • My b-day (Your birthday date)
  • Bless me on (Insert birthday date)
  • Throw me wishes on (Insert birthday date)

Birthday Bio For Instagram For Yourself

Keep calm and wish me Happy Birthday 🎂

Waiting for my birthday cake 🎂

Another year added to my life experience ✌️

Today’s some special 🥰 that is my birthday 🎂

Thank you, God, for giving me another year ❤️

It is my day, nothing else matters for today 💖

Happy birthday to my special self 😎

It is the year for my dreams to come true 😍

Another birthday 🍰

My birthday should be a holiday 🎉

Let’s celebrate the wonderful life I have 🎂

I survived another year 💕

I celebrate the hero in me. Happy birthday to me 🎈🍰

Blessed to see another year 😊

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