24*7 CCTV monitoring services offer an efficient way to increase operational efficiency, safety, and quality control in manufacturing plants. Video surveillance can be used by manufacturing companies to improve operational efficiency, quality control and safety. It can also lead to improvement in inventory control, transparency and communication. 

Manufacturing companies often require remote video surveillance for several plants and factories located in different places. CCTV monitoring at factories protects commercial properties but also allows you to mitigate workplace hazards and resolve false insurance claims.  

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Manufacturing firms operating in a competitive environment with constant security threats. It has become crucial for them to improve the overall efficiency of operations, enhance the quality of their operations and decrease machine downtime. Companies wishing to deploy CCTV monitoring solutions may find various types of providers who specialize in the industrial sector. Tech2Globe, a prominent industrial IoT solutions supplier, is one such firm that provides comprehensive CCTV monitoring services .

Let’s understand everything about the importance of CCTV monitoring surveillance for Manufacturing units.

Key Features of Security Camera Systems in Manufacturing

Many security cameras may now perform numerous duties, allowing you to increase operational efficiencies. Let’s learn about their primary features:

Reliable, 24/7 recording

Outdated system architecture can cause camera downtime and gaps in coverage. To address this issue, improved solutions use hybrid cloud technology, enabling cameras to continually record on a solid-state drive whilst sending protected thumbnails to a cloud-based server.

High image quality

In order to monitor inventory properly, stakeholders need a clear picture of the products and labels. A system that captures high-definition images is essential for capturing evidence in the event of an incident.

Night Vision

To ensure visibility after hours when a crime is likely to occur, a surveillance system must be able to collect footage in the dark. Night vision cameras employ sensors to detect low-light settings. When the exterior lighting is low, the camera will convert to night mode. Infrared (IR) night vision, which uses infrared light, is the most prevalent form used in most security cameras.

Video Analysis (Heatmaps)

Some video systems provide heatmaps. This can be an easy way to identify failing equipment and uncover hidden risks. A heatmap can be used to identify risks that may not be readily apparent. It can also reduce the risk of equipment failure and its associated hazards.

Benefit from Tech2Globe’s CCTV Monitoring Services 

Tech2Globe’s CCTV monitoring services provide complete solutions that increase security and efficiency. With more than 14 years experience across diverse industries, they bring expertise and trust to its customers. Customers are able to benefit from Tech2Globe’s customized solutions that solve specific security issues and enhance the efficiency of their business. 

Observe and Track Remote Facilities

Remote access surveillance systems offer supervisors an easy way to manage several locations without having to be physically present. Web- and app-based video management platforms enable stakeholders to review historic footage or view live security feeds from any computer or smartphone with internet access. Offsite supervisors can also use 24/7 monitoring to capture footage for review with employees, to identify areas of improvement or to ensure compliance.

Workplace hazards and risks

Did you know that the manufacturing industry is third in terms of workplace dangers? Overexertion, bodily reactions, falls, slips and trips and contact with objects or equipment are the most common workplace injury causes. To prevent workplace injuries, surveillance technology can be used to resolve liability claims and to ensure that safety procedures are followed.

Audit Operations More Effectively

Maximizing output is an essential component of any manufacturing firm. Video footage can be utilized to visualize present processes, document continuous improvement, and find possibilities to increase productivity. Some surveillance solutions additionally have connectors like Active Directory, which aid with user administration and reporting.

Safe Delivery of Shipments

Video surveillance ensures safe inventory arrival, allowing supervisors to be informed in real time about important deliveries when paired with meaningful alerts.

Monitor Stock Levels

To provide transparency in shipping timelines, manufacturers give suppliers access to specific feeds of cameras that overlook inventory. Suppliers can see the exact level of inventory and know when new shipments are needed.

Intruder Detection

Manufacturing organizations on IoT platforms face concerns about physical and network intrusions. Implementing security best practices on the network side can protect against vulnerability breaches. Physical intrusions require protection against trespassing and motion detection alerts from security camera systems, ensuring loss prevention and preventing unusual activity.

Inventory Protection

Video surveillance is also utilized to verify that high-value items are securely locked up and safeguarded from theft and accidents. Some systems incorporate access control to prevent unauthorized personnel from entering restricted areas. 

Challenges of Security Camera Monitoring in Manufacturing Plants? 

Continuous monitoring is required to effectively mitigate risk in manufacturing units.

  • Thefts of finished products, intellectual property, or raw materials pose a serious threat to manufacturers. These security breaches, if not monitored properly, can cause substantial financial losses as well as damage to a company’s reputation.
  • Unexpected operational disruptions such as equipment failures or unauthorized entry into restricted areas can disrupt production schedules. They may also compromise the quality of products. It is crucial that these incidents are detected and resolved as soon as possible to maintain seamless operations.
  • Electrical surges and power outages can interrupt video surveillance. 

Though these difficulties are rare, having a backup plan in place is critical to protect your staff and business.


Video surveillance equipment enables producers to monitor facilities and respond swiftly to real-time data actively. It’s an effective tool for auditing operations, increasing productivity, keeping employees safe, and protecting assets. Manufacturers using video surveillance cameras should assess which characteristics are most appropriate for their organization’s use cases, business needs, and operating environment. 

Tech2Globe, a leading provider of CCTV monitoring services and amazon consulting services , offers flexible, powerful solutions to meet the needs of your facility. They can help you create a more efficient, safer and secure facility. Contact them for more information on security solutions or to receive a quote.

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